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How to order on Dining with Dria!

Weekly Menu

Every Sunday/Monday, a new menu will be dropped.

Orders are open until Thursday night at 11:59 pm.

Whatever you ordered will be available for pick up or delivery on that next Sunday.

You are not ordering for this week, you are ordering for the next.

DWD You Call It

Any time of the week, you can order a DWD You Call It.

You can order bundles of food that are customizable to your needs and tastes.

Text Dria 281-698-7474 to let her know what you want!

You can request pickup or delivery for the next Monday after you order.

You cannot order on Monday and receive that same Monday. Please order in advance.

DWD Elite Membership

Order any week that you would like to start your 4 week month membership.

Pay at once, upfront.

Receive free snacks ($65 value), 10 meals per week, AND discounted delivery.

Reach out to Dria 281-698-7474 when the new menu drops and let her know what 10 meals you want for the week!

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